Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008!

Well, hello 2008!

We had a easy, friendly kind of New Year's Eve, where we actually managed to stay up until after 12!

The local Fire Brigade threw a big party up in the hills nearby, and they hired a country and western singer who looked like Willie Nelson. We're not into big dos anymore, but as the year turned over, they had an impressive fireworks display on the horizon to the east. It was so good, we didn't need to watch the TV for their fireworks.

It was possibly a bit confusing how the local fire brigade could be putting on a fireworks display high in the hills, surrounded by dry forest, and on the hottest night of the year. Maybe they were looking for thrills if the bush caught alight. Our local group only gets a call out around three times each year, so the action can be a little thin on the ground.

Topped up with champagne, good food and company, we kissed our friends and waved them off down to the studio, and almost made it to bed when my man's daughter rang, amazed we were still up. We were, just!


I don't have any New Year Resolutions, just 'intentions', but will recap the major milestones in 2007 instead.

~ I was invited feature artist for the 20th Anniversary of the Drouin Ficifolia Art Show. I had the honour of giving a speech and opening the show, with an area of my own for my paintings.

~ I began a new series of oil paintings in preparation for my next solo, scheduled to co-incide with the re-opening of a regional landmark, Coal Creek Historic Village. The subject matter was of the decaying machinery on the site.

~ I have watched my daughters blossom into the beautiful loving young women I hoped they would always be. My youngest daughter graduated with honours in Philosophy and completed a year's teacher training with straight As. She begins teaching in February nearby, so I will have her and her 8 year old moving closer to us next week. Wonderful!

~ My middle daughter has been working on her PhD in Psychology, as well as producing a gorgeous baby grandson. I assured her that no matter how many others you have (6), each one is just as special.

~ I had a serious motorcycle accident in September, shattering my wrist and damaging my knee. Added to my shock and injury, the driver, a popular local doctor, showed no concern for my welfare in the days and weeks after the event.

It is unlikely I will be able to ride again, but my Harley stands repaired and waiting until March before I decide to sell it or not.


I am sure there was much more, but this year will bring.......

~ Surgery on my knee, maybe in February.
~ Hopefully an improvement in my damaged wrist, involving physiotherapy and the plate taken out.
~ A determined resumption of my painting, and planning for my next solo.
~ A whole heap of work constructing and improving my garden.... single-handed if necessary!
~ Spend lots of time with my girls and grandkids.
~ Do up my bedroom, which needs doing badly and will be lots of fun.
~ Work at living as sustainably as we can, producing our own food from our veggie garden, fruit and nut trees, beehives and lambs.... and brewing our own beer!
~ Start sewing again, which I haven't done for years. I am sick of trying to find clothes I like. I used to sew everything!
~ Finish off my studio - painting the floors, sewing curtains for my bench fronts, and repainting the windows and doors outside.
~ Clean out all my paintings I 'am over', and have had hanging around for a while. Rent a hall in town for a day and have a clearance sale. A Fresh Start!
~ Be good to my lovely man, and support him in his endeavors.


What I have learned....

~ Always be optimistic. It helps your immune system, and healing abilities.
~ Happy attitudes attract happy people.
~ Quit negative people who suck your energy. Spend your time with those who can carry on a proper conversation, not just talk about themselves.
~ We don't do angst, after doing it for too many years. Bad marriages, divorce, betrayals...... the works!
~ Live in the present. It's the only time that matters.
~ We try to keep our minds free of worries, accepting they are a normal part of living. Good times, bad times..... everything passes.


This photo is from from winter two years ago and has nothing to do with much at all.
We have had two days of 40+ degrees heat, and we're sick of it!

I'm hoping it might cool us down....

"I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips."
... Violette Leduc, Mad in Pursuit


H.Glass said...

Hi - I followed you back here from Pavlov's Cat.
So sorry to hear about your injuries - I do hope the quack is up for a big payout to you?
My son (40) was on his way to work and knocked from his Sportster by a car pulling out from the kerb.
He can still ride if he wears a hand brace (his injuries were huge, but he only got $92,000 from the driver's insurance).

Now did that guy who looked like Willie 'God' Nelson, actually SOUND like Willie?

peace and love, h

Ann O'Dyne said...

it's me again, logged in properly this time.

My London blogpal That's So Pants is working her way to Gippsland right now (via Goa and Noosa).
She wants to buy somewhere peaceful so she can write undisturbed.

Congrats on raising those clever daughters, too.

BlissHill said...

I'm not sure about the Willie Nelson look alike. A friend who went said he was quite a good entertainer.

Re: the motorcycle accident..... I'm totally torn about getting back on or not. I love riding, but want to survive for my family. Also the hand may not work well enough. At what stage do you give up something you love so passionately (with your partner) for commonsense? The doc? Well, at my age, nothing surprises me about people anymore, but he made me very angry for a time, but occasionally I dream about him running his shiny black BM into tree!

$92,000 for someone changing your life for ever doesn't seem enough. It will be interesting how it ends for me.

For your friend.... the Strzeleckis are the most beautiful place. I can sit up here an paint uninterrupted for days, but can pop down to the shops in only 15 minutes. It stays green and glorious..... We LOVE it!

Ann O'Dyne said...

Thanks. I will tell her to enter 'Strezleckis' in ....