Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peace at Last

Cuddled gently in my arms, Lily slipped quietly into doggie heaven at 2.30am this morning, assisted by an exceptionally caring vet.

Woken by a massive seizure and seriously disoriented for a long while afterwards, it was a blessed release for us to help her end her suffering.

I got up early and went down to where my lovely man buried Lily at 3am.

The sun was just up, the breeze was still, the dappled sunlight trickling through our little forest onto the fresh turned earth.

My funny old lady sheepies came and stood around me, sensing something profound had happened,

and Chevy came and nibbled my fingers.

We all stood there together and listened to the birds' early morning chatter, and watched a kookaburra swoop low over her grave. Perfect peace and all is well in the world.

R.I.P. my darling girl. ♥ ♥ ♥


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Sorry to hear. You were fortunate to have each other in life. The photos are lovely.

BlissHill said...

Thank you Andrew. You have been very supportive. I promise to cheer up and write more often from now on! xx

Pants said...

Dear Blissie

I'm so sorry that you've lost Lily but glad for you that her suffering, and yours, has ended.



BlissHill said...

Thanks Pants my dear. We are very relieved as the past few weeks have been pretty terrible. But, so much love and support from loved ones and worldwide, I am very gratified. She was a special, special girl. xxx