Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Beginning

My studio floor is being sanded today. When it was built around eight years ago, the sander sold me some 'two pot' for the top coat. I had painted it a solid deep burgundy and then went to enormous trouble to stencil a design around the edges. It looked absolutely fabulous with a deep mirror finish.

Two weeks later the man who was installing an air conditioner dropped a wrench on it and left a huge flaw. Horror, real horror! Over the next months and years the top coat separated from the colour below and lifted off in sheets, leaving the floor a total eyesore.

I should have used polyerothane, which I knew would work.

So we will paint it over the next few days moving my enormous pile of gear backwards and forwards. I use it for my gallery, a bed sitter for guests and grandchildren as well as a creative haven from the outside stresses. I will actually feel like finishing the last few jobs on the building that have been hanging over my head for years.


On wednesday we went into the city to see a barrister about my upcoming claim for compensation for my motorcycle accident. It is rather involved and I am glad to a have a guru solicitor who is steering me through it. I am using a 'No Win, No Fee' agreement which takes the pressure off somewhat. The barrister receves $2000 for creating this affidavit chronicling my accident, injuries and the effect it has had on me physically and mentally. He lodges it with TAC and then we go on from there.

He was a very nice man and put us both at ease.


Ann oDyne said...

aww ... preparing the nursery for the puppies.
I hope the 2-pack fumes dissipate before they arrive.

after a car failed to indicate or even look leaving the kerb, & knocked my son off his Sportster, he was awarded $92,000.
It took a long time to be settled, but he was in intensive care and rehab for a year so that hardly mattered. He drags one leg now, and wears a hand brace.

Your new floor gives you a chance to do a new stencil of poody puppies.

BlissHill said...

No two pot this time. I don't trust it. Stencils, no, once was enough, just a lovely dark plum colour to make it look interesting.

The puppies won't be until next year as I have too much going on this season. It will be something to look forward to nevertheless.

The process of going for a claim is a bit exhausting but we're on our way.