Friday, January 23, 2009


My apologies to my lovely blog pals, as I haven't written much for a while. I am in a bit of limbo right now, waiting for more recovery on my knee, then the expected battle for compensation with the TAC (Transport Accident Commission). I was warned by a doctor recently that they are just another insurance company who will stop at nothing to pay out as little as possible. Bring it on, I say!

I have to wait until my injuries are 'stable', which will be a little while yet.

My new knee is truly brilliant and causes me very little discomfort. But it does not bend enough for normal range of movement and activities, so will probably need some in-theatre manipulation under anesthetic. I will know more after the fourth of Feb.

I'm sure once the smell of the battle to come gets into my nostrils, I will feel better.................


Apart from that, last Wednesday I put myself onto the famous Atkins Diet, and have lost 2 kgs already. Renowned for fast weight loss, it is very rigid and allow NO carbs, NO sugar, NO wine (boo hoo!) and NO fruit. This causes your body to go into 'ketosis' where it burns fat, not sugar and carbs. If you don't eat the carbs your body can't use them. My two daughters are on it and one has lost 7kgs in about 3 weeks and the other lost 3 kg in a week. We are having fun just geeing each other up when we falter.

I was becoming far too 'plump' for my liking and have already lost 12kg just being very careful since last July, but this was too tempting. Speeding up the losing process, then going back to my careful eating is my plan when I'm there


Ann oDyne said...

Congratulations from me.
I wish I was there with you doing it too.
You are right about 'encouraging each other' when tempted to fall off the diet.
With dodgy knees it is really important to stay at a fit weight, because your potential for exercise is limited. Keep it up, we're cheering for you.
from Your 82-kilo blogpal hoping to get down to 62 kilos.

Andrew said...

So long as it for a short time, no harm done. Your effort over a longer period is impressive. PS. Ann, she's dreamin'.

zooms said...

No apology needed but lovely to hear how you are doing, damn, no wine? as far as diets go, if I start to feel a little excess on the waistline, i just switch to a side plate instead of a dinner size one and eat what I usually do, chew twice as much and drink gallons of water, works a treat and I don't have to give up anything,,,,, smart arse, I know.
You are doing great, won't be long now before all is settled and you can start to plan what you really want to do next, dltbgyd
everyday in every way...... xxx

BlissHill said...

Wise words all of you. Zooms, a small plate is one theory I have tossed around as usable, and will probably try.

I have now lost 4 kgs and am so proud. The Atkins is good, as you don't feel physically hungry once you're into it, just mentally hungry (!). While the results keep happening, I'll keep on it.

zooms said...

Hope all is well and that the forest fires are not near to you. x