Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Sale: Harley Davidson FXDX Superglide Sport

~ 2002 Model, black, 57,000 easy kms. Reg until 15th May 09.
~ Owned and loved by lady since new.
~ Regularly serviced/ goes very well.
~ Extras - slash cut pipes, HD derby cover, Kuryakin horn cover, chrome battery cover, black pack rack.
~ We took a tumble last September and this bike was expertly restored by the now late Robbie Hermans. Mostly new front end.

A beautiful motorcycle which will be reluctantly sold only because of physical injuries sustained.

$21,500 O.N.O


zooms said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, Blisshill, what a beauty, biting the bullet is hard isn't it but it's amazing what new horizons suddenly appear once we've taken that first bite.

BlissHill said...

Thanks Zooms. I have accepted that it is over, but it will be hard to watch it going down the driveway. All those kilometers of practice, practice, practice, then all it took was a distracted driver to end it all.

But, I am over all that. My life is so good despite losing that. New horizons, as you say (after my imminent knee replacement!).

Dysthymiac said...

I love a good set of forks and pans myself - it's a beautiful machine and I am sad with you.

A distracted driver gave my son the experience of the ICU, a year of physio, and needing a handbrace to ride now.