Friday, May 9, 2008

We're Going away!!!

....just for a week...... off to Cooma for a night, then Canberra for three days to do 'Turner to Monet' and other stuff, then to sit on a cliff side for two days at Bermagui to admire the whales as they go by.

The poodles are off to their special kennels, where they learn to be nice to other dogs and get fussed over by strangers.

We used to go everywhere like this on the Harleys, and may well do so again, but not this time. I was planning to put my bike on the market, but for some reason have been postponing such a final decision. Now the registration and insurance is due, so must be paid before I leave. Can't leave it sitting in the shed unguarded and uninsured.

I may as well have another go at riding it when I get back.


I went to my life drawing group today, for the first time in many months and really enjoyed it. Sometimes drawings just come easily and today was the day. We had a blond Jesus-like young man called Shaun, who plays a ukulele. He is very long and lean, but muscled, with a great face and tangled blonde hair and beard. He is an experienced model and can twist into some terrific poses.

If I can put aside my going-away preparations for a minute, I will photograph a couple and put them in tomorrow.

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